NCAA Basketball: Takeaways & Top 25

The Great Alaska Shootout As I mentioned in my preseason post, this was the final year of the Great Alaska Shootout, the longest running in-season tournament in basketball.   The tournament, once one of the most prestigious early season tournaments, took a tumble when new tournaments started sprouting up in warmer cities that weren’t quite so far from home.  It is appropriate that in the final tournament ever that the host…

November 27, 2017

NCAA Basketball: Top 25, Week 2

Well, so much for my proclamation that Michigan State was the top team in the country.  The Spartans didn’t play a poor game against Duke by any stretch, but the Blue Devils cemented themselves as the early favorite for the National Championship. There may still be questions about their defense (Michigan State hit on 50.8% of their shots from the floor), and while Duke has done its usual great job…

November 20, 2017

MLB: The Art of the Basebrawl

Is there anything more ridiculous in sports than watching pitchers attempt to run-in from the bullpen during a bench-clearing brawl?   Watching David Robertson “motor” in from left-center field during one of a seemingly million scrimmages in Detroit on Thursday was one of the everlasting images in my head.  I realize that the real image I should always remember is how Austin Romine vs. Miguel Cabrera turned out to be…

August 28, 2017

MLB: The Yankees’ Gary Sanchez “Problem”

If you didn’t catch it on Friday night, Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi called out Gary Sanchez for his high number of passed balls this season.   A team that is fumbling its way over the past few months of the season has found its scapegoat:  A young catcher who is allowing, on average, one passed ball per week.  It is important to note that one passed ball per week is…

August 5, 2017

MLB: The Career of Adrian Beltre

Mike Schmidt.   No third baseman in the history of baseball can quite compare to what Schmidt did in his career for the Philadelphia Phillies.  He is the only third baseman in history to amass over 100 career WAR.  He led the National League in home runs eight times, runs batted in four times, OPS five times, and OPS+ six times, including five seasons in a row.   Sometimes, we…

July 30, 2017

MLB: Trade Deadline Primer

“Why don’t we trade these five prospects that are meaningless to me for Mike Trout?” Through all of my years on the Internet, nothing has ever amused me more than some of the trade proposals that are thrown out there by fans, thinking that 500 pieces of an old Yugo can be traded in for a Rolls Royce. As a fan of the sport, I love to think up many…

July 24, 2017

MLB: Second Half Outlook

I know the players probably love the 4-day All-Star Break, but I hate it.  Of course, I hated the 3-day All-Star Break.   I could go for no All-Star Break at all, actually – while understanding that the Player’s Union would never accept that. I loved the Home Run Derby this year.   It was fun to see some of the young stars shine a bit, and have fun with…

July 13, 2017