College Softball: World Series Preview/Predictions

(1) Florida How they got here:   Overcame 1-0 series deficit to beat Alabama, 2-1. 0.69.   That is the number you must look at when you look at Florida’s roster.  That represents their team ERA this season.   That is far and away the best ERA in the country (second place Minnesota finished with a 1.19 ERA before their ouster in the Regionals).    Florida accomplished this not by having…

June 1, 2017

MLB/Softball: Week in Review

1.   Red Sox Overtake Orioles After games of May 20th, the Red Sox were 21-21 and struggling to find their way.   The Orioles, on the other hand, were 25-16, and a half game up on the Yankees in the American League East. Times have changed, folks.   The Orioles have now lost seven in a row, swept by the upstart Twins and the dominating Astros in the process….

May 28, 2017