About Me

I thought some people would like to know a bit more about the man behind all of the writing.  I am really not all that interesting (some may claim that watching ants carry bread crumbs across their floor is much more interesting than my life, but I digress).  Below is a bit about me…

Originally from a small town in NJ – now live in a large town in NJ (Toms River) with my wife Colleen (a major Duke fan – no hate mail, please) and Golden Retrievers. I refuse to give a number of Golden Retrievers, because that number can change with the snap of a finger (I swear the number of wives will never change). I am a die-hard fan of the Yankees, Michigan sports (I even follow the softball team closely!), and the Carolina Panthers. I am also a fan of the Devils, though admit that nowadays, I mostly read box scores and follow them whenever they make the playoffs. This blog is not about my favorite teams, however. I love sports in general, and will write about whatever is on my mind when the inspiration comes.

I also do some writing on Golden Retrievers on my dog blog (tksgoldenblog.com), as well as the Yankees minor league system (thebronxview.com). In addition to my writing passion, I actually do have a full-time job as well.

When I have free time, I walk my dogs, play some online poker (it is legal in this state, after all), watch a bunch of DVR’d shows with Colleen when everyone else on the East Coast is probably in bed, and drink green tea. Yes, that is a hobby. I also have this weird fascination with shopping at Target. I am the annoying guy who scans every product with my Cartwheel app just so I can save 10% on 24 rolls of toilet paper.

Launching a site like this has been on my mind for many years.   I actually became very serious about it a few months ago, but took forever to come up with a name.   How did I settle on “Sports Kibble”?   First off, every other URL in the world that begins with “Sports” was taken.   Imagine my fury when I saw that “Sportszone.com” was taken.    Secondly, it sounded weird enough that it may actually work.  Imagine feeding your dogs at night and having the words “Sports Kibble!” enter your brain.  Yes, that is how my brain operates.

I hope you enjoy this site!