MLB: League Championship Series Preview

So far, my predictions have been spot on!   I said the Indians would win the American League, and the Diamondbacks would represent the National League.   I boldly predicted that the Astros were better suited for 162 games than a shorter postseason series (that could still come true, I suppose).   I didn’t think the Cubs would repeat, and I certainly thought the Dodgers’ late-season slowdown might carry over into the playoffs. …

October 13, 2017

MLB: National League Playoff Preview

I wrote up the American League preview yesterday. Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58) 58-15.  From June 1st through August 25th, the Dodgers put together one of the best stretches of baseball in the history of the game, and were primed to make a run at some of the best single-season teams in history.   A 13-22 finish to the season turned the discussion from “one of the best teams ever” to…

October 3, 2017

MLB: American League Playoff Preview

Cleveland Indians (102-60) Do you remember that time earlier in the season when the Cleveland Indians seemed to be suffering from “World Series Hangover Syndrome”?   When they woke up on June 17, 2017, they were 33-31, one game behind the upstart Minnesota Twins for the division lead.    They swept a double-header that day in Minnesota, and never again lost control of the division. Reasons for hope:  The Indians…

October 2, 2017