MLB: The Art of the Basebrawl

Is there anything more ridiculous in sports than watching pitchers attempt to run-in from the bullpen during a bench-clearing brawl?   Watching David Robertson “motor” in from left-center field during one of a seemingly million scrimmages in Detroit on Thursday was one of the everlasting images in my head.  I realize that the real image I should always remember is how Austin Romine vs. Miguel Cabrera turned out to be…

August 28, 2017

MLB: The Aaron Judge Mega-Slump

Baseball is a humbling game.  When you watch the Little League World Series, you are watching the best players from the best territories compete for a World championship.   Many of these players don’t run into many players who are as good, if not better, than they are.   The Little League World Series, and the journey to get there, can be a humbling experience for these kids.  It is…

August 20, 2017

A Black Eye for the Little League World Series

No, this is not a post that is going to analyze 11-13 year old kids.  I am waiting for the day that a sabermatrician decides to look at the world of Little League Baseball and comes up with metrics on how George Washington Intermediate School in Boston, Massachusetts can attack hitters from the upstart Billings Little League in Montana to secure a spot in the championship game.  I hope that…

August 13, 2017

MLB: The Yankees’ Gary Sanchez “Problem”

If you didn’t catch it on Friday night, Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi called out Gary Sanchez for his high number of passed balls this season.   A team that is fumbling its way over the past few months of the season has found its scapegoat:  A young catcher who is allowing, on average, one passed ball per week.  It is important to note that one passed ball per week is…

August 5, 2017